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Attending/participating? Please read our standard waiver of liability, which registered participants will sign off on at check-in the day of the show:

Experience the Dream Builders Car Show!

The 2023 Dream Builders Car Show was held Sunday, June 18th, at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington, with all proceeds going to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Snohomish County!

In 2022—our eighth year—we had 450+ registered participants, over 4,000 people in attendance throughout the day (in the pouring rain!), and raised over $102,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters, with the 2023 show bringing our nine-year total to nearly $600,000 raised!!!

Here are a few numbers to look at:

  • In 2022 we had 122 vehicles preregister the day we opened registration in January, and ended up with nearly 400 vehicles preregistered by show day.
  • Registrations in 2014: 240
  • Registrations in 2015: 300+…and unfortunately we had to turn away more than 100 cars because we were FULL by 8: 30am!
  • Registrations in 2016: 450+…on the same day as the Good Guys Nationals Car Show, the Lake Stevens Aqua-Fest Car Show, and the Kirkland Classic Car Show!
  • Registrations in 2017: 425+…on a wet holiday weekend! While we fell a bit short of the previous year’s vehicle count, we made up for it by raising over $14,000 more for BBBS than in 2016!
  • Registrations in 2018: 420+…IN THE RAIN
  • Registrations in 2019: 498
  • Registrations in 2021: 598
  • Registrations in 2022: 450+
  • Here’s a look into the Dream Builders Car Show experience:

    The 2023 Dream Builders Car Show is open to spectators from 9am to 4pm, but of course you arrive early because, well…there’s SO MUCH to do all day long. This summer event is more than just a car show, so strap in and enjoy the ride!

    So you’re at the show, you’ve seen all of the cars, and your feet are tired. Time to go? NOPE!! Take a seat in the grandstands and watch cars rip around the track in some exciting live racing action! Maybe you’d like to ride along? Yep! You can do that!

    If you’re 21 years or older, you can head to the Speedway Beer Garden for an ice-cold brew to drink while you walk around the midway and check out the vehicles in our VIP parking area!

    Ears pounding from the roaring motors? Head over to the stage, and soothe your soul with the sweet sounds of music performed by live bands throughout the day!

    By now your feet are probably ready to get back out there and check out our sponsors and vendors on Vendors Row, showcasing area businesses and entrepreneurs who have generously opened their hearts and wallets in support of our cause.

    Hope you brought the kiddos! There is plenty for them to do, including face painters, a bouncy house, inflatable obstacle course and slides, Kids Car Show, and one of the biggest highlights of the show, the POWER WHEELS DRAGS! That’s right! Kids will be able to race their own Power Wheels against each other down our Kid Zone Drag Strip!
    Did we mention that participation for kids is FREE?!?

    Be sure to purchase raffle tickets for our Prize Raffle and 50/50 Raffle!

    And just before we hand out the awards, make your way up to the grandstands to watch motorcycles and cars/trucks battle it out in our Loudest Engine Contest, followed up by our tire-shredding Burnout Contest!

    Just as we have in years past, we will be giving out over 100 awards, with classes for any and every type of vehicle, including multiple classes for various Motorcycles, Cars Pre-1930s through 2022, Exotics, Muscle, Imports, Grocery Getters, Rat Rods, Off-Road, and Semi Trucks…just to name a few. We even have awards for BOATS!



    When we say we have a class for everything, we mean it!

    Here’s the driving force behind the Dream Builders Car Show—Steve Myers:

    In 1994, the course of my life changed forever. Big Brothers Big Sisters had managed to create the “perfect match.” That’s when I met my “Big Brother” Rich, at the age of 10.

    I grew up with just my mom and my sister around. Mom was working two, sometimes three jobs, all while going to school, and still managing to get home to put dinner on the table for us kids.

    But she needed help. My dad wasn’t around, due to addiction and abuse, and I needed a male mentor to give me the guidance that my mom just wasn’t sure how to give. And as strong of a woman as she is—and I’ve never met any stronger—she found the help in the most amazing organization I’ve ever had the pleasure in being a part of, Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    Rich has been, above all, a role model. He has been the man I have looked to for all of those things most kids would go to their dad for. He’s been the closest thing to a father figure I’ve ever had.

    We’ve done everything together—everything any young boy would cherish and love to do with dad. We went to Sonics games and Mariners games, we played all types of sports together, specifically basketball. Rich even coached my basketball team for a year. We’re both very competitive. You name it, we’ve made a competition out of it!

    We went camping, did lunches, saw movies, went to the batting cages and played golf, and participated in every event Big Brothers Big Sisters offered, along with volunteer events…the list goes on and on.

    We’ve had so much fun over the years. But it’s been much more than fun and games.

    Rich helped shape me from a 10-year-old kid with no direction to a man who wants to give back…and it’s all thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters!

    Below is a video of my “Big Brother” Rich Olson and me being interviewed on the set of Q13 Fox Morning News!

    And here’s a video of my “Big Brother” Rich winning Big Brother of the Year 24 years ago, after being matched with me for just two years.

    The video below is where it all started for me.

    This was my first fundraising effort for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Snohomish County.

    But to me it wasn’t enough. I set a goal for $5000, and I only raised $1500.

    So from there I decided I would plan a car show which could be a way for me to continually give back to this amazing organization, and the Dream Builders Car Show was born.

    Here’s my Big Brother Rich (right) and I on my wedding day.

    Just as he was then, he has always been there for me whenever I’ve needed him.

    Here are some other success stories from Big Brothers Big Sisters:

    84% of former Littles surveyed agree that their Big taught them the importance of helping others.

    Click here for more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters!


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